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Creative ideas and solutions for education, daily living, and independent travel using assistive technology for the blind & visually impaired. We'd love to consult with you about our AT Trainings and BlindSquare Workshops. Better yet, let a Certified BlindSquare consultant help you design your BlindSquare Event with Indoor Beacon Navigation. 


Consultation, Training & Professional Development

Workshop, Conference, and Online Training:  accessible  Apps & software solutions for education, Independent Travel (O&M), and Daily Living. 

Skills and Strategies to overcome the barriers of print using your smartphone or table  using  VoiceOver / Talkback,screen magnification, large print,object & character  recognition (OCR), and Refreshable Braille Displays.

Indoor & Outdoor Navigation with BlindSquare

Certified BlindSquare Consultant design, training and system management for all BlindSquare  Beacon Positioning (BPS), Customized Location (CLS), and QRS  Indoor & Outdoor Systems. 

Mapping outdoor environments using GPS digital breadcrumbs, along with indoor bluetooth beacon technology, provides site accessibility while enabling individuals to travel independently. 

AndreasHead - AT Resources Teaching VI & Blind Students

 TVI Tool: iOS, Chrome, Windows, and Android Apps for creating accessible materials, sensory stimulation, functional vision assessments, near & distance magnification, and note-taking.

OpenSource screen-reader, magnification, OCR, and Braille transcription for Apple / PC accessibility. 


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